#ICYMI: Is every other Russian in London really a spy or informant? (VIDEO)

#ICYMI: Is every other Russian in London really a spy or informant? (VIDEO)
Right-wing think tank the Henry Jackson Society has released a report titled ‘Putin Sees and Hears it all’ which includes a claim that every second Russian in London could be a spy or an informant.

That would mean anywhere up to 75,000 Russians sending secrets back to their spymasters, which is a pretty serious workload when you think about it.

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The author of the now much ridiculed report, Dr. Andrew Foxall, pointed to “increasing paranoia” among Russian immigrants, although ignored the increasing paranoia among researchers at right-wing think tanks.

So, with that many alleged Russian spies wandering around the British capital, ICYMI went to see how easy they are to find.

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